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  • Glaxo Censures Sale of Supplements


    "Is it unethical — or a conflict of interest — for pharmaceutical executives to have their own side venture selling a compound as a dietary supplement while the drug company they work for is running a clinical trial of the substance as a potential cancer treatment?

    The British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline said on Thursday that it had instructed two of its employees to distance themselves from a nonprofit group they helped found called Healthy Lifespan Institute. Glaxo took the action after a business technology Web site, reported on Thursday that Healthy Lifespan was selling supplements of a compound found in red wine called resveratrol."

    "Supplements are regulated as products containing dietary ingredients that can make general health claims, but cannot be marketed as cures for specific diseases. Unlike drug makers, supplement makers do not have to submit clinical studies to the Food and Drug Administration to document the safety and efficacy of their products before they go on sale."

    “Their support of the nonprofit is unrelated to their roles at G.S.K.,” Ms. Alspach wrote in the e-mail. “However until today, G.S.K. was not aware that the Health Lifespan Institute was selling a resveratrol formulation on the Internet.”

    On Thursday afternoon, the Healthy Lifespan Web site was selling a year’s supply of resveratrol  supplement capsules for $540. By Thursday evening, the “Buy Resveratrol” section of the Web site had disappeared.

    Glaxo suspended new enrollment in a clinical trial of its resveratrol formulation for multiple myeloma earlier this year after some patients developed kidney failure."

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    According to "There is insufficient reliable information available about the safety of resveratrol when used in supplemental doses in amounts greater than those found in foods."

    MY NOTE: How about just eating some red/ purple grapes or its juice or drink some red wine in moderation? There needs to be more regulation for dietary supplements. $540 – WHAT!!

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